Experience Matters

Specializing in just two areas of law for three decades and representing thousands of clients successfully, (see Home page for actual number of cases in 2012 and career), means many things: 

complete familiarity with the black-letter law, legal theories and statutes;

personal relationships and familiarity with all the judges and prosecutors involved in your case;

guaranteed set-fees for most criminal cases (see Fees page for actual fee amounts), so you know in advance what it will cost, because they know what to set the fee at for your particular case;

according to the Iowa rules on Professional Responsibility, limiting practice to these 2 areas required completion of 15 hours of continuing legal education in each area, EVERY YEAR, to ensure complete understanding of updates and developments in the area.

And, not so incidentally, their fees are usually much lower than those charged by many so-called "experts", because they are fair, and because they do so many of these kinds of cases that they don't have to charge extra for research or chasing-their-tail.  Not to mention that they like to represent lots of ordinary folks, not just the wealthy.  They don't care what other attorneys charge; they charge what they think will allow them to have regular people hire them and not feel like the services of a truly top-notch attorney are out of reach financially.

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